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Animals Should Never Be In The Circus


Chains, whips, stun guns, bullhooks, 
and cages are just some of the tools the circus uses to enslave their unwilling entertainers.

You will never see the circus in the same light again 


Underneath the facade of the circus, beyond the glitz and glamour, lies a truth of incredible suffering, defeat, torture, heartache, and pain.


Imagine you are taken from your family, alone, afraid, your freedom stolen, tied, shackled, confined, and beaten into submission over and over again. Until, every ounce of hope is stripped from your being, and you are just a shell of who you once were. Forced to perform not of free will, but for fear of retribution. Choices do not exist in your world; you cannot leave your job, you cannot take a sick day, rest when you're tired, or see your family when you are lonely. You are regarded as property and viewed as a commodity; a slave for those who seek to gain profit at your expense. This is the life of an animal in the circus.


Animals are not toys, objects, or machines to use and exploit for our amusement. They are not things, decorations, trophies, performers, or prizes to be won. They're intelligent beings who are capable of thought and emotion. They feel pain, loneliness, loss, and love in the same capacity that we do. We have no right to mock or diminish their greatness for the sake of being entertained.

Don't believe us? Watch these videos 

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